Privacy Policy

Little Potato Software takes your privacy seriously.  Many of our apps are designed for children, and we go out of our way not to share any information from your device.

Some of our apps allow you to add your own photos, but do not look at any embedded location information in those photos.

Two of our apps (Tapscape and Tarrific) collection information about usage, strictly for the purposes of investigating crashes, should they occur. None of our AlphaBaby or AlphaTalk products collect any information about usage.  Our apps share no user information with outside servers.

The only in-App purchases available in our apps is a one-time upgrade for our free products to enable the full, paid set of features.  This in-App purchase is not accessible from the main screen of the app.  No in-App purchases are possible from paid versions of our apps.

No ads are displayed in our products.  No personal information is shared with advertising companies.

Via the AlphaBaby and AlphaTalk preferences screens, there are links to the app store and to our own site for user documentation.  The preferences screen can be disabled via the Settings app, creating a secure environment where no Internet access is possible.
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