Veggie Faces

iMessage sticker apps are awesome. And Little Potato Software think everyone’s texting experience would be improved with More Potatoes.

Enter Veggie Faces. The newest app from Little Potato Software, it lets your vegetables do the talking. Load up the Veggie Faces app, and create a new face. You pick the vegetable, eyes, and mouth. Save the sticker for later, or fire if off in your latest text. Feeling goofy? Not impressed? Happy? Crazy? There’s a Veggie Face for that. Saved stickers can be applied to all other text messages, in the case where you think the conversation needs More Vegetables. Add a Slam or Loud effect for good measure.

For the advanced user, bring up the info screen (tap on the upper left of the screen) to vote for the next vegetable to be added to the app.

Available for FREE in the Messages App Store for iOS 10 devices.
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 Download on the App Store
Playing with your food has never been this much fun!
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