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Dolphin Patrol is the latest app from Little Potato Software, written exclusively for AppleTV.

Dolphin Patrol is an endless swimmer that lets you save fish trapped in nets. As our intrepid dolphin patroller, grab some bubbles from the ocean and use them to lift the nets off of the fish who swim by. This makes the fish happy, you score points! Just watch out for sharks...

Play two different multiplayer modes - work together to save as many fish as you can in CoOp mode, or see who can save more fish in Head to Head mode. Works with any supported wireless controller for the second player.

Dolphin Patrol is a fun, casual game for the whole family! Save some fish today!
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Watch your air meter at the top of the screen! Score points by swimming up to bubbles,and then swimming over to a fish to fill the balloons. Once you have a filled all the balloons attached to a net, the net will float away and the fish will be free! Try to save all of the fish before they float away. Picking up balloons and saving points increases your air meter. Saving fish increases your score.
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In Head-to-Head multiplayer mode, you and a friend compete to see who can save the most fish! Watch out for the shark. Sharks will pop one of the bubbles you are carrying (which can sometimes be a good thing!). If you run into a shark when you don’t have any bubbles, you’ll lose a lot of air, so be careful…
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Animated online help reminds you of the basics of the game…
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