AlphaBaby Free lets your child explore letters, numbers, shapes, and your own photos. Simply touch the screen and you’ll see and hear an object appear. The name of the object is spoken, and you can continue to tap on the screen to see more. Touch the objects on the screen to hear their name again. Drag them around the screen and watch them move and bounce! AlphaBaby Free can display:

• Uppercase letters
• Numbers 1 to 10
• Simple shapes
• Colors
• Your own photos

You can add your own photos to AlphaBaby Free. You can also record your own voice speaking captions for the photos, or replacing any of the built in sounds. In AlphaBaby Free, you are limited to adding 3 of your own photos, and 5 of your own sounds. You can upgrade to AlphaBaby for $.99 USD in the App Store. Or, use the easy in-app purchase to upgrade AlphaBaby Free to the full featured version.

AlphaBaby Free is a great first app for your child! Its clean and simple ad-free interface makes it easy to dive right in and start to learn the names of letters, numbers, and shapes. If you enjoy AlphaBaby Free, consider upgrading to AlphaBaby - see the table below for a comparison of features.

FeatureAlphaBaby FreeAlphaBaby
Touch to speak letters and shapes X X
Record your own voice Limited to 5 sounds Unlimited sounds
Add your own pictures Limited to 3 pictures Unlimited pictures
Change what items are shown on the screen X X
Change how many items are shown at a time X X
Turn off hints X
Disable setting prefs in the app X
Show lowercase letters X
Show letters and numbers in order X
Quiz Mode X
Speak color names X
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