Fixing flash pics on my iPhone

I was having a problem with flash photos on my iPhone 4. They had white spots all over the picture, no matter what light conditions they were taken in. Further investigation revealed that when I took off my case, the problem went away. Hmm.. clearly, the case was the culprit, but why? It turned out that the case, which is a dark blue floral print, had started having some wear around the edges, particularly the edges around the opening for the camera. Where the blue had worn away, it revealed white plastic underneath. It seems as if the white opening around the flash lead to some nasty and unwanted reflections of the flash back into the lens. A suggestion was made to color in the white part of the case with Sharpie. As of today, that was attempted, and it fixes the problem! So, if your flash pictures start looking strange, take a look at your case and see if you have any white parts of the case around the flash!
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