May 2015

Cavewoman Debugging: Episode 5

Episode 5 of Cavewoman Debugging talks about common design patterns in Cocoa development.

Also, I start to find my groove for the podcast. I have been thinking a lot about the audience for the podcast, and listening to this episode of NSBrief helped my thinking. I would like this to be another resource used by people either new to programming, or new to iOS programming. If you are not someone who is seen as the “typical developer”, even better — programming is great fun and I would like to see even more people give it a try!

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Cavewoman Debugging: Episode 4

Episode 4 of Cavewoman Debugging talks about ways to tackle thorny programming tasks. Quick and dirty throwaway projects are your friend! Plus, I’m still playing SongPop. Challenge me at ne.ribbon!

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Cavewoman Debugging: Episode 3

After a longer delay than I intended (thanks spring break and Mother’s Day!), here’s episode 3 of Cavewoman Debugging, where I explore the wonderful world of Xcode plugins.

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