Apr 2015

Cavewoman Debugging: Episode 2

Episode 2 of my podcast is now available. I discuss third party code and using CocoaPods. Check it out!

Cavewoman Debugging: Episode 1

I have a new feed for my iOS developer podcast, “Cavewoman Debugging”. Check it out!

Pods checkin imminent

I just finished listening to the iPhreaks podcast, episode 97 - “Deconstructing Your Codebase with Michele Titolo”. I enjoyed the entire discussion, and especially hearing a fellow woman developer discussing the nitty gritty of managing your code base. As an independent developer, not all of the conversations were relevant. But, as I find that I work on projects over very long spans of time (approaching years for some of my earlier app releases), it’s practically as if I’m looking at someone else’s code base at times. Most of the time, this comes in the form of “what was I thinking when I wrote this?!?”. :)

However, one point that they touched on was whether or not to check your CocoaPods into revision control. I hadn’t been, but this conversation convinced me that it would be a good idea. Since I’m just running a local git repository, space or checkin times are not really an issue. And, since I’m about to release a new product, having a stable version of ALL code, not just my code, checked in and labeled for the release strikes me as a really good idea. I just recently got burned by an update to CocoaLumberjack that messed up my debugging statements, so I think having my CocoaPods checked in to my own repository will allow me to better monitor what has changed when pods are updated. I solved the CocoaLumberjack with some digging on GitHub, but it was definitely a lesson to be careful about doing random “pod update” calls, especially when you are getting close to a release.

Plus now, when I do a commit in XCode, I won’t see all those annoying ?’s showing up in my commit window. Thank you Michele, for giving me the confidence and push I needed to finally do something about my pods!
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