Butternut wait to update!

If you had been wishing for a wider range of fall vegetables to show up in Veggie Faces, then wait no more! Version 1.1 is in the Messages App Store now. In addition to new vegetables, there are new eyes and mouths, for an even greater range of vegetable expression. The eyes and mouths now scale nicely to the vegetable you choose - no more dangling grin on the skinny carrot, while the tomato and potato have lots of room for expressing their feelings.

Veggie Faces is still free, still in the Messages app store, and totally ready for Halloween and the fall season. Get your copy today!


Orange you pumped for Halloween?f9aff2922925a3c035490d00ca04fb16-stickerImpress your friends with a-corny veggie pun! 6658440fb416e141e5939ba082f99b4c-sticker Our vegetables are gourd-ous!

New Messages App - Veggie Faces!

Little Potato Software is excited to announce its new interactive Messages app - Veggie Faces! The app that lets you express yourself through produce.

Like all developers, I watched in amazement at WWDC as they built Messages sticker apps with NO CODE. However, the full fun of sticker apps didn’t really hit me until multiple members of my family had updated to iOS 10. We couldn’t get enough of sending wacky images and memes back and forth.

Given that my company is named Little Potato Software, it only seemed natural that to do something with potatoes. Potatoes with faces! Other vegetables with faces! And the idea grew from there.

Veggie Faces isn’t a static sticker pack app. Instead, you choose your vegetable, and then the eyes and mouth that will fully express your feelings at the time. Created veggies are saved for future use, and can be sent as-is in a text message, or “stuck” to other messages.

You can be happy that you weren’t a member of my family during testing. During that time, random vegetables with faces would show up on texting conversations, whenever I forgot to just text myself during testing! Instead, download the app and send smiling vegetables intentionally!

Veggie Faces is free on the App Store today. In the future, I’ll add more vegetables, and may add an in-app purchase option for fruit. When you are using the app, you can vote for the next vegetable that will be added. I am enjoying taking photos of vegetables in plain backgrounds way more than I thought I would. I plan to go on some scouting trips to Whole Foods, looking for the perfect ear of corn soon!

Learn more about Veggie Faces

Major New Version of Mac AlphaBaby

I am excited to announce the newest version of AlphaBaby for MacOS. This is a major new version of AlphaBaby, and it adds many great features from the IOS version of AlphaBaby. You can now record your own voice for letters, shapes, numbers, and photos, right from inside of AlphaBaby. You can create configurable sets of options. Maybe one day you want to work on letters and numbers, and other day look at photos of family members. With the Sets feature of AlphaBaby, it is easy to switch between different set of options. You can even share sets created on the iOS version of AlphaBaby with the Mac version, or send your Mac sets to your iOS devices.

Perhaps the most important new feature is one that has been requested for years -- the ability to completely block the keys at the top row of the keyboard, including volume and brightness! Your computer is more protected than ever when running AlphaBaby!

Try out AlphaBaby 3.0 today! It’s available exclusively in the Mac App Store for only $.99 USD.

New version of iOS AlphaBaby

Version 2.3 of AlphaBaby (and AlphaBaby Free) is now available in the App Store!

This is a small release which adds one new feature -- the ability to display more items at a time on the screen. You can now show 30, 50, or 100 items at a time, in addition to the previous choices.

Also, AlphaBaby is now only released in the Education category. I don’t think many people were finding it through the Games category, and it allows another exciting development. AlphaBaby is now available in Brazil and South Africa, as well as any other countries that didn’t allow apps in the Games category. Tell all your international friends!

Alphababy and AlphaBaby Free 2.2 Released

Little Potato Software is happy to announce the newest version of AlphaBaby and AlphaBaby Free for iOS devices.

AlphaBaby 2.2 is now available in the App Store and has a great new feature called Sets. Using Sets makes it easy to switch between different settings in AlphaBaby, and share your settings between multiple devices.

Check out the a more detailed description of sets here.

Sets makes it even easier to use AlphaBaby and share your own photos and sounds between devices. Update your copy of AlphaBaby today, or buy AlphaBaby in the app store. You can also try out AlphaBaby Free, and upgrade it using an in-app purchase, and get all the great new features in the full version of AlphaBaby.

AlphaBaby reviewed by theiPhoneMom!

AlphaBaby got a great review today from the iPhone Mom review site. It’s very exciting to see AlphaBaby mentioned elsewhere, and this is a site I’ve enjoyed reading to find apps for myself and my kids.

AlphaBaby 2.01 Available!

AlphaBaby and AlphaBaby Free both have new versions available at the App Store. Version 2.01 is a very minor update, primarily for iPad users who now have iOS 4.2. AlphaBaby 2.0 added a new, faster way to load multiple photos at a time into AlphaBaby. This new version cleans up the way this works on an iPad. It’s a huge time saver if you like to add your own photos to AlphaBaby. Download it today!

Version 2.01 of AlphaBaby submitted to App Store

I’ve just submitted version 2.01 of AlphaBaby and AlphaBaby Free to the iTunes store. It’s a very minor update, just to improve how loading multiple photos works on 4.2 on an iPad. It’s not clear when iOS 4.2 will be released, but hopefully AlphaBaby will be approved shortly and we’ll be ready! I have a lot of AlphaBaby 2.0 promo codes available, and would love to give some away. All I ask is that you leave a review for AlphaBaby (or AlphaBaby Free), or tweet about AlphaBaby, and I’ll send you a promo code!

AlphaBaby and AlphaBabyFree 2.0 released

A new version of AlphaBaby for iOS is now available in the App Store. Version 2.0 brings a great new set of features to AlphaBaby. They include:

  • Quiz Mode - AlphaBaby will display a set of objects on the screen and ask the user to pick a particular object. Use your own photos and voices for a fun, interactive experience!
  • Colors - Requested by customers, AlphaBaby now supports color names. See color swatches by themselves, or add color names to the names of existing letters, shapes, and numbers.
  • Load multiple photos - On iOS 4.0 and later, AlphaBaby now lets you load up to 10 photos at a time. This greatly speeds up the process of customizing AlphaBaby with your own photos. Not available for iPad until iOS 4.2 comes out.

AlphaBaby Free 2.0 is also available. You can now display colors along with letters, shapes, numbers, and photos in AlphaBaby Free.

Download from the app store today, and give it a try! If you like it, please rate it and leave a comment - we love to hear how kids use AlphaBaby!
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