Major New Version of Mac AlphaBaby

I am excited to announce the newest version of AlphaBaby for MacOS. This is a major new version of AlphaBaby, and it adds many great features from the IOS version of AlphaBaby. You can now record your own voice for letters, shapes, numbers, and photos, right from inside of AlphaBaby. You can create configurable sets of options. Maybe one day you want to work on letters and numbers, and other day look at photos of family members. With the Sets feature of AlphaBaby, it is easy to switch between different set of options. You can even share sets created on the iOS version of AlphaBaby with the Mac version, or send your Mac sets to your iOS devices.

Perhaps the most important new feature is one that has been requested for years -- the ability to completely block the keys at the top row of the keyboard, including volume and brightness! Your computer is more protected than ever when running AlphaBaby!

Try out AlphaBaby 3.0 today! It’s available exclusively in the Mac App Store for only $.99 USD.
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