Swift By Osmosis

My current project is coming to an end, but has been written in Objective-C. So, I’ve been keeping an eye on Swift, but haven’t really had a chance to jump feet-first into Swift development. I read the original docs when they came out, but haven’t been staying on top the language changes. I’ll probably need to re-read them once I’m ready for a full project in Swift.

If you’re in the same boat, and are looking for some easy ways to learn about Swift on the side, here are few things I’ve come across which I’ve found very helpful:

  • iTunes U - Developing iOS8 Apps With Swift. These Stanford classes are amazing. I enjoyed previous years greatly. Although it starts at a very basic level, it’s great thing to watch while on the treadmill or doing dishes. I always end up picking up a few tips and tricks, either in the API, language, or Xcode by watching these classes. Highly recommended.
  • Swift Cheat Sheet from App Design Vault. I have been signed up for the newsletter from App Design Vault for a while. They have some great free resources, app templates, and tutorials available. A recent newsletter offered this guide to transitioning to Swift. I like that it’s a more manageable size than the hundreds of pages from Apple!
  • You can’t go wrong with anything at raywenderlich.com. I like to pick a tutorial I’ve done before, or a simple one just to see how things I knew how to do before are now done in Swift.
  • Keep an eye out for random small projects/demos that are written in Swift, and follow along. This past week, I’ve been looking at Think & Build’s recreation of the Twitter iOS App UI. I get to learn some cool animation techniques, plus get used to doing it all in Swift.

Have fun learning Swift!

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