View Transitions + Some Perspective

Happy New Year!

I’m getting off to a slow start of the work week after a week off with the kids, so I decided to ease into things by stepping through a Ray Wenderlich tutorial. They are always fun to read, relatively short, and I learn something new.

The most recent non-video tutorial was:

Creating Custom UIViewController Transitions

It fulfilled my expectations in terms of better understanding view controller transitions. I still feel like there are just so many moving parts with those transitions (pun only slightly intended), but this was a straightforward enough example to have it make more sense.

But, the coolest thing I learned was just a small tidbit about perspective transforms. The tutorial has you rotate views in and out of view. It turns out that with a simple numeric constant, you can make those rotations look MUCH more realistic.

The trick is referred to here in the Apple Docs: Advanced Animation Tricks

Simply, you sent the layer.sublayerTransform 3DTransform of a parent view to have the m34 field of CATransform3D set to a relatively small negative number (it can be positive too, which appears to change the direction of a rotation). Then, when views contained inside of this container are rotated around the Y axis, they appear to recede into the distance as they spin. This is more realistic than if you didn’t set this field, because then the rotation looks more like a squeeze and expand rather than a true rotation. The value for the m34 field is a bit magical, with the tutorial using -0.002. This represents the inverse of the distance along the Z axis for the viewer, and 0.002 is about 500 pixels. Values in the range 0.001 to 0.004 seem too look fine, with larger values giving a more pronounced size change as the views spin around.

Another interesting fact about the transform is that it is applied to the container view of the views involved in the view controller transition. This container view appears to be created by UIKit to server as a safe place to mess around with transitioning from one view to another. So, each time you perform the transition, you want to reapply the perspective transform to the container view, since it disappears once the presentation/dismissal of the view controller finishes. Interestingly, it sticks around after a new view controller is presented, and only disappears once the presented view controller is dismissed. So, you are applying a transform to a view that already has one, but since this isn’t additive, it is not a problem.

So perspective transforms are neat things to know about it you want to make your y-axis rotations (and presumably x-axis too - I tried to do an x-axis rotation, but the newly presented view kept jumping in from of the existing view before the rotation had completed. But the rotation looked a lot nicer with the perspective enabled).

I may try to take this transitioning to the next level, and see how custom transitions inside of navigation and tab bar controllers can be implemented.

Happy rotating!

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